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Documentation and services

Technical documentation for products and industrial processes - services for individual projects or as continuous support.


Software and Information

Information and documentation management - with proven software packages or as an individual customer solution.


Solutions and Projects

Successful solutions and exemplary projects - developed for different industries and extensive tasks.


mid Documentation GmbH is a service provider for technical documentation and manufacturer of software solutions for documentation and information management. Our range of services supports you from the planning process to the creation and regular updating of data and documents. Since 1998 we offer customer-oriented solutions and realize complex projects.


Our team consists of experienced engineers from various technical disciplines, technical editors and software experts. It can accompany your engineering or carry out the implementation independently. Our project experience and dialogue-oriented implementation ensure successful project execution. We create additional flexibility through a network of freelancers.


Our activities focus on industrial products and processes. We offer our customers in mechanical and plant engineering, especially for the rail vehicle, process engineering and power generation industries, detailed knowledge and have created proven solutions for operation and maintenance. As a service provider, we collaborate directly with manufacturers, operators and suppliers.

Documentation and services

We implement the requirements of technical documentation in an understandable and competent manner.

We create technical documentation - conventionally in paper formats or as innovative, software-based information systems - such as, for example:

  • user, operating and safety manuals
  • Maintenance and service documentation
  • Diagnosis and fault clearance documentation
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Commissioning and acceptance documentation
  • Application and approval documentation
  • training documents
  • Process descriptions
  • Revision of as-built documentation
  • Document and workflow management

Depending on the task, our services support your engineering or the operating personnel and cover a wide range of topics - such as, for example:

  • Data and documentation structuring
  • Preparation and qualification of databases
  • Check of supplier documentation
  • as-built documentation checking at the plant on site
  • ongoing documentation, data and system maintenance
  • Creation and support of information portals
  • Project Management
  • Technical project support
  • Translations

Software and information

When it comes to the management and use of information, our guiding principles are consistently in the foreground.

To establish an optimal information situation, we offer a standard solution with our modular software package SiSTO©.

Together with our portfolio of services, we are able to meet complex project requirements.

SiSTO Software Modules


Authoring tool for SiSTO information systems with


Information system with graphical user interface
interactive with docArchive
Ordering functions
Change management
Variant management


Document archive for the searching of documents
interactive with infocenter
as basic archive
Import and structuring
as a separate solution


Extensions for SiSTO information systems 
interactive maintenance plan
mobile inputs
Document matrix

Software and Information

Systems integration

The information and documentation management system SiSTO can be connected to other software systems for data exchange via standard interfaces.

For example, interfaces to procurement platforms, enterprise software such as SAP, document management systems, asset management, service and diagnostic tools have been implemented.

Software development

The information and documentation management system SiSTO is a software package - but it can be customized with user-specific functionalities.

Based on requirement specifications, we implement your individual requirements. After the introduction and training we support you with further software maintenance. 

Information management

The information and documentation management system SiSTO is a basis for challenges and efficient processes in the field of information management.

With our experience, a data and document service center can be set up. We offer content management and regular update service. This means that you always have up-to-date information systems.

Solutions and Projects

We have implemented various solutions and projects - see some practical examples here.

Energy industry, natural gas storage

Complete documentation with visual user guidance via process flow diagrams, circuit diagrams, function diagrams and photos. Integration of a maintenance plan and the overall documentation.
Everything interactively linked - for use by operating and maintenance staff as well as externally authorised persons.

Our solution:
Implementation of a technical information system with SiSTO

Products and services from mid Documentation:

  • Analysis, concept, software delivery, installation and staff training
  • Document research and review, revision, standardization and attribution of documentation
  • Data transfer and data comparison, assignment of existing documentation
  • as-built documentation checking at the plant on site
  • Framework service contract for ongoing documentation, data and system maintenance

General mechanical and plant engineering; rail vehicles, energy systems

Creation of technical documentation - comprehensive and with engineering competence

Services and scope of services of mid Documentation:

  • Creation of specifications, documentation concept, verification of standards
  • Research and review of supplier documentation
  • Research in the departments at the customer's premises
  • Editorial creation of operating manual, maintenance/inspection manual incl. maintenance plan, repair manual, diagnostic, test and fault clearance manual, training documents
  • Creation of multilingual manuals, translation logistics
  • Output as paper version and in various file formats
  • Revision and maintenance of documentation

Urban transport, tramway operation

A common documentation for different vehicle types and variants based on spare parts catalogs with visual user guidance via CAD drawings, photos and circuit diagrams as well as 
Integration of maintenance plans and the overall supplier documentation.
Interfaces to other software systems, e.g. SAP, are to be created in order to digitize and optimize processes in the Workshop and Purchasing divisions.
What is required is a collaborative system for the maintenance and procurement of spare parts and assemblies.

Our solution:
Implementation of a technical and operational workshop system with SiSTO

Products and services from mid Documentation:

  • Analysis, concept, software delivery, installation and staff training
  • Design and programming of software interfaces
  • Creation of extensive spare parts catalogues - including research on the vehicles on site
  • Verification, standardization and attribution of (supplier) documentation
  • Data transfer and data synchronisation with existing data sets
  • Framework service contract for ongoing documentation, data and system maintenance

Users of SiSTO information systems

Documentation maintenance and content management as well as operation of the SiSTO information system as a service centre. Scalable scope of services, connection and processing with other systems.

Our solution:
Conclusion of a software, data and documentation maintenance contract as a full service package

Services and scope of services of mid Documentation:

  • Service hotline and software updates
  • Actualisation of the data and documentation in the SiSTO information system
  • Editing and adaptation for minor data changes
  • accompanying verification of the documentation for correctness, completeness and conformity with the installed condition
  • Helpdesk and coordination of external service providers
  • on-site work and/or remote maintenance

Energy industry, wind energy

Establishing and operating a "Document and Data Control Center".
It should provide authorized users with an overview of the status quo of the documentation and easy access to documents and data.

Our solution:
Information system with SiSTO or other software packages

Products and services from mid Documentation:

  • Check of incoming documentation
  • Data and document management
  • Collecting, releasing, transferring and archiving the existing documentation
  • Verification and acceptance of revisions of existing documentation
  • Acquisition of missing documents and completion of documentation
  • Helpdesk and contact person for the customer and the component supplier
  • Coordination and coordination with the respective function managers
  • Coordination and reconciliation with the respective function responsible persons
  • Communication with external service providers
  • Personnel management incl. task and time management
  • Project management, budget planning, deadline and budget monitoring

Energy industry, gas transmission and distribution network

Revision and standardization of a paper archive for the technical documentation of gas transfer stations and gas pressure regulation and measuring systems as well as the gas distribution network

Services and scope of services of mid Documentation:

  • Visual inspection of the individual systems on site for the purpose of inspecting the system equipment and comparing it with the as-built documentation for completeness, accuracy of content and conformity with the state of construction
  • Creation of a clear catalogue of terms
  • Inclusion for hazard assessments (explosion protection document, Ex-zones, pressure, fire, safety hazard)
  • Creation of failure reports with a list of all missing and newly to be created documents, all equipment documents to be acquired from suppliers as well as a report on existing installations whose further operation is restricted or questionable due to the rules and regulations or inadequate documentation.
  • Elimination of all detected documentation failure on the documents (red lining)
  • modification and adapt the plant drawings and process flow diagrams
  • incorporation of changes into the existing documentation
  • dissolution of existing folders and creation of new folders

Energy industry, wind energy

Creation of a rule-compliant operating manual for submission to the authorities

Services and scope of services of mid Documentation:

  • Evaluate, check and edit texts and contents of existing documents
  • research on topics requiring clarification and develop solutions
  • combine various text modules and created documentation into one complete document
  • Clarification of questions and comments, moderation with the customer, certifiers and the authorities


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